Sunday, November 7, 2010

ATM Sunday Message for November 7, 2010

Confederate Christians and fellow Compatriots:
Below is my message for Sunday, November 7th.  Please feel free to forward or reply.  Your comments are always welcome.  You may also use this, or any of my messages, as a chaplain's article in your camp or other newsletter.
May God bless each of you in His service and in service to our most worthy Cause.

Bro. Len Patterson, Th.D
Chaplain, Army of Trans-Mississippi
Member,  Chaplain's Corps Committee
Missing in Action!

Recently my wife used my truck to pick up a purchase that was too big for her car. The men who loaded the box noticed the SCV logo on the back window, and the sign below it that says, " I'm the proud descendant of a brave Confederate soldier." They thought it was "great." Especially as my wife explained that her husband was a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
This has happened to her before, and to me all the time. The responses and reactions have all been positive. They may not display an image of the Battle Flag or other Confederate symbols, and they may never join the SCV, but they do have inner sympathy for the Confederacy. Often, they will proudly state that they too have Confederate ancestors. These "Sons of the South" may be thought of as "Missing in Action."
As a Christian, I have often been met with sarcasm and ridicule when I proudly state that I'm a saved Saint in Christ and love the Lord. Perhaps that is why so few Christians will speak for God outside the walls of the church. We might call them M.I.A. Christians. In writing to the Church at Rome, the Apostle Paul said, "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ:" (Rom. 1:16a) The result of Paul's boldness was the founding of numerous churches and the salvation of thousands of souls. He knew where he stood, and what he stood for. The Apostle Paul was always on duty. He was never "Missing in Action."
I must admit I spend more time talking to people about the Sons of Confederate Veterans than I do about Jesus Christ. The reason is a matter of opportunity. I never run in to anyone who has not heard of Jesus, but I am constantly meeting men who have never heard of the SCV.
I believe there are hundreds of thousands, and probably millions, of M.I.A. Confederates who would like to hear about the SCV. They'd like to know who we are, what we do, and what we stand for. They may join our ranks, but even if they don't, they will be glad to know that we are defending the Southern Cause and the honor of our (and their) Confederate forefathers. They also need to know that if they do decide to join our ranks and proclaim pride in their Southern heritage, they will not be alone.
For almost a hundred an fifteen years, the Sons of Confederate Veterans have known where they stand and what they stand for. We have upheld the honor of the South and boldly proclaimed pride in our heritage. We are not ashamed of our Confederate fathers. To the contrary, we are honored to be their descendants. Indeed, we are privileged to be the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
It is my prayer that every Christian would boldly proclaim his love for Jesus Christ our Lord, who died that we might have life. It is also my prayer that every member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans would proudly stand up for his Southern heritage and honorable Confederate forefathers. We should always be "on duty," and never "Missing in Action."
Bro. Len Patterson, Th.D.
Chaplain, Army of Trans-Mississippi

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