Sunday, November 28, 2010

ATM Sunday Message for November 28, 2010

Confederate Christians and fellow Compatriots:

Below is my message for Sunday, November 28th.  Please feel free to forward, reply, or use it in your camp or other newsletter.  Your comments are always welcome.

May our Lord bless each of you in His service and in service to our just Southern Cause.

Bro. Len Patterson, Th.D
Chaplain, Army of Trans-Mississippi
Chaplain, Central Texas Brigade
Member, Chaplain's Corps Committee
Sons of Confederate Veterans
At one time or another we've all been behind an automobile with a bumper sticker which read, "Ask me about my Grandchildren." Now, I'm sure the driver of that car would be happy to show you an endless number of baby pictures and tell you who each one was, complete with an explanation of all the details concerning that particular photo. To this you would then nicely say, "You have beautiful grandchildren. You must be very proud." Or something to that effect. And they would respond with . . . "Thank you!"

Certainly it is proper that we love, care about, and be proud of our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, but I have an idea. How about a bumper sticker that reads, "Ask me about my grandparents." Ask me about my great-grandparents, or my great-great-grandparents. Ask me about my ancestors. After all, if it weren't for them we wouldn't be here, and there'd be no grandchildren to ask about. So, to all of those who gave us life and therefore life to our children and grandchildren, let us say . . . "Thank you!"

Perhaps we should have a bumper sticker that read, "Ask me about my Southern heritage." We are proud of our Southern heritage and the brave men in Grey who so valiantly fought to defend it, and the women of the South who served and supported our just Confederate Cause. We'd love to tell anyone who asks all about it. We are proud of all those who with firm determination withstood the hardship and suffering of an illegal and unwarranted Union invasion. And, to all of them we say . . . "Thank you!"

Of course there are those who do honor their forefathers and mothers. So, to every member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, past and present; to every member of the Daughters of the Confederacy, past and present; to every member of the Order of the Confederate Rose, past and present; and to all others who have diligently and continuously guarded and defended the memory of our Southern heritage and ancestors . . . "Thank you!"

While we have much to be thankful for, and many to be thankful to, it is also important to realize who is most worthy of our thankfulness. In Ephesians 5:20, the Bible says, "Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ." The Scripture tells us to thank God always for all things. Ultimately, God is the source of everything we have to be thankful for.

We can be most thankful that God loves us, and sent His son, Jesus Christ, to die in our stead that we might have eternal life. We can be thankful that He sends His Holy Spirit to strengthen, guide, and comfort us in our most difficult times. We can thank Him for preserving us, as we await our Lord's return. We can thank Him always for all things, and should began every prayer and supplication to God with . . . "Thank you!"

To all my friends, Brothers, and Compatriots, I hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving, and for all you do for Christ and our most worthy Southern Cause . . . "Thank you!"
Bro. Len Patterson, Th.D
                                   Chaplain, Army of Trans-Mississippi

Thank You!

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